Our company has wide experience in manufacturing and exporting medical equipment (such as ultrasonic and compressors nebulizers) worldwide. We know customers need may change from one country to another and, in NEB S.A. DE C.V. we are flexible enough to find the perfect solution for your needs, including catalog and products characteristics.

We are willing to manufacture our nebulizers and to commercialize our products with your own brand (OEM), so that your company could increase its market share.
As a matter of fact we are interested in long term business relationships and we have commercial programs that go far beyond than simple purchases and will help you to achieve your company´s goals.
Our programs could allow exclusivity for regions or countries. Our competitive worldwide prices added to the geographical Mexico´s advantages plus the free commerce treatment that our country has signed with many other countries makes our company your best choice as a partner. This way you could find not only excellent quality products but also lower logistics and tax cost for your company.
To more information please do not hesitate in contacting us to sales@nebucor.com.mx